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Thousand Oaks Star
April 27, 2003

Here’s the school to attend to get an A+

Bala Kanayson left his job in the aerospace industry after 20 years to pursue his joy, tutoring. He has created a tutoring business, A+ Tutors, in Thousand Oaks.

Bala Kanayson enjoyed a successful career as an engineer manager in the aerospace industry for 20 years. After working for Rolls-Royce Aero-Engines in England, he accepted a job with GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati in the mid-1980s where he helped design a new aircraft engine that reduced fuel consumption 20 percent compared with standard engines at the time.
In 1999, he moved to Thousand Oaks to manage a group of engineers at a firm in Woodland Hills.

When a hip-implant operation three years ago prevented him from continuing his career, Kanayson decided to work full time as a professional tutor. The choice was sort of a full-circle move because, while living in England, he tutored high school students with special educational needs.

He began by teaching here at the Learning Tree University in Thousand Oaks. Last summer, he launched his own business, A+ Tutors, 516 Pennsfield Place, Suite 102, Thousand Oaks.

Kanayson generally helps students in grades 6 to 12 in the Conejo Valley. He has a few adult students, however, such as those preparing to apply for teaching positions. He has 24 students.

He tutors most student individually once or twice a week but also has small group sessions - mostly for students preparing to take the SAT.

Kanayson said his basic fee is $40 per hour, but students studying for the SAT are charged a flat fee that comes to about half his basic hourly fee.

“Entry into colleges is tougher today than ever before”, he said. “In addition to the GPA, colleges require a good score on the SAT. For students whose GPA is not in the 4.0 area, a high score on the SAT becomes important.”

A rapidly growing course he offers is “SAT Success”. It consists of six weekly lessons, beginning with a review of topics required for the SAT, followed by practice tests and explanations with test-taking strategies.

ACORN Newspapers
Schools October 3, 2002

A+ Tutors prepare students, help grades

The goal of A+ Tutors is to help students excel in their studies and improve their grades. They prepare students for standardized tests and provide tutoring for students in grades 1-12 in math, science, physics, chemistry and English. They also offer tutoring and preparation for adults returning to school.

Small classes ensure individual attention and quality instruction. Students meet once per week with a tutor, followed by homework assignments that help to reinforce the lessons.

For standardized tests, students learn the fundamentals and the best approaches to the questions in each test. They also learn test-taking strategies.

Their head tutor is a former aerospace engineer with more than 22 years of teaching experience, who motivates students by making learning interesting and relating their studies to the real world.

Classes are offered in Thousand Oaks, and home tutoring is also available.

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