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SAT Success with A+ Tutors ®


The SAT Success program consists of 6 weekly lessons developed to help students improve - often dramatically - their SAT scores. Students have raised their scores by 300 points after taking our course, and we have excellent references from delighted parents. The lessons begin with a review of the topics required for the SAT, followed by practice tests and detailed explanations with test-taking strategies.

The SAT Success Program

The program covers both the verbal and math portions of the SAT. The math portion is where students often have difficulty, and we excel in helping them understand the principles and methods involved in mastering this part of the SAT.

Classes are held over a period of 6 weeks, with students meeting once per week with a tutor, followed by homework assignments, which normally take a few hours to complete. These assignments are reviewed in detail by the tutor, with explanations and suggestions.

We teach the math and verbal topics required for the SAT and show students the best approaches to the questions in each test. Besides learning the material, students also learn test-taking strategies, which are necessary to improve their confidence and increase scores.

Relate to the Real World

Our SAT instructor, a former aerospace engineer, has an extensive background in training, design, and manufacturing. He has managed small business units and engineering groups in several industries. With over 20 years of teaching experience, he motivates students by making the learning experience less stressful, more meaningful, and even exciting.

Small Classes

Each SAT Success class has only 2 to 4 students, thus ensuring individual attention and quality instruction.

Individual Classes

One-on-one tutoring is available.


Our low overhead and minimal advertising allow us to provide excellent value to our students. Course Fees can be paid in two installments. The second family member receives a 10% discount.

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