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Everytime I come for tutoring I leave feeling so smart.

Alexis M. - 10th grade

My son increased his SAT score by 500 points in March 2009. I enrolled him on A+ Tutors standard 6-week course and was very pleased by the results. In fact, the huge increase in his score triggered off an alert at the Test Board!

- Liz B.

My daughter first took the SAT test last December and scored in the
mid 1100s.
She then joined the SAT Success 6-week course in February/March 2002 with A+ Tutors (Mr. Kanayson - he's very good with the kids). The classes were small – 2 to 3 students - and Lisa actually enjoyed
her time there! She took the test again in April, and her score went up to 1430.

Mrs. Jenny M - Thousand Oaks

A+ Tutors has helped my child’s grades rise from Ds to As.
In 10th grade, my son P’s grades began to slide in the important subjects – Math, Science and English. I knew he was not “slow” as his teacher thought, so I tried a tutor in my neighborhood. After 4 months, my son was still struggling – the tutor helped him with his homework, but really, P did not understand the basics.

I then heard about A+ Tutors from a friend and gave them a try. In just a few weeks, P’s confidence improved and he looked a lot happier. His grades began to improve, and soon he was getting As in all 3 subjects. The tutor explained everything so well, and helped P improve his study skills so much, that he now, in 12th grade, he maintains his high grades without any tutoring.

Lily W. - Agoura Hills

My 11th grader has gone from Cs to As after less than a semester with A+ Tutors. It is wonderful to see how her self confidence has improved in such a short time.

W. Hansel

My daughter was having difficulty in 8th grade with Math and English.
I tried one of the large national tutoring services, but did not see any real improvement. I then decided to try A+ Tutors, and took my daughter to their facility in Thousand Oaks. After her first lesson, my daughter said that she had actually learned something. Their tutor geared each lesson to my daughter’s needs and explained things so well, that she gained confidence in her abilities.

Her study skills improved, and she stopped saying that she “hated” Math!
Within 2 months, her grades had risen from a C in Math and a B- in English to straight A’s. She is still with A+ Tutors, as I want her to continue to excel

Richard T. - Westlake Village

My son was having difficulty with his reading comprehension as well as his understanding of higher math concepts for the 7th grade.
This concerned me to the point of seeking a tutor that would provide individual attention for him in these areas. I decided to try A+ Tutors in Thousand Oaks.

Over the months that my son has been enrolled, I have seen a steady improvement in his study habits and results. I can see that he understands the subjects better, and has more confidence. We have seen better results in both Math and Language Arts, and improved grades in Science. Thanks go out to Kanayson and A+ Tutors!

Steve S - Agoura Hills

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